NuVet Labs 5 Steps to Biking with Your Dog


If you are a bike-riding enthusiast and have considered riding your bike with your dog in tow, read the following to learn some important information about what you will need, what you should do and what to consider before taking Fido for a bike-run.

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Dog-Biking Supplies:

  • A non-tangling leash
  • Body harness
  • A lead baton
  • Reflective lights or tape. Reflective vests specifically made for dogs are also available on the market.
  • A collapsible container to hold water.


Step 1

Make sure to clear all physical activity that you plan on undertaking with your pet with your veterinarian first. Chances are you‘ll get the green light but your vet may also shed some light on something regarding your dog’s health that could surprise you like hip or joint problems your pup may have.

Step 2

Get your dog familiar with your bike by walking your bike and your dog at the same time. You can also get an idea of your dog’s comfort level regarding the bike. Continue to do this until you feel your dog is ready for the next step.

Step 3

It’s time to get on the bike! Make sure that you ride at a pace that is easy for your dog. Like Fido, there is going to be a learning curve for you as well. Riding a bike with your dog running next to you is going to take some time for you to get used to.

Step 4

Bike with your dog consistently and regularly so you can build up Fido’s endurance. Before you know it, riding your bike with your dog will be easy.

Step 5

Enjoy the exercise benefits of a healthy, low-impact bike ride and the emotional benefits of spending quality time with your pup.


  • Make sure your dog is suited for exercise. Certain breeds of dogs are not designed for endurance exercises, may get overheated or will just be plain miserable. If your dog is overweight, it’s a good idea to work on reducing his weight before beginning strenuous exercise.
  • Don’t leave your dog attached to the bike if you are not on it. Your bike could fall on your dog and cause injury.
  • Don’t attach the leash to the handlebars while riding as this cold turn the wheel and cause an accident or difficulty steering and balancing the bike.
  • Biking with a puppy is not recommended. They are too small and more prone to injury.
  • Consider another way of transporting a puppy or smaller dog on your bike. There are baskets on the market that can be attached to your bike for this purpose.
  • Consider a dog trailer for your bike if you have an older dog or a larger dog that is not suited for running.
  • Don’t get frustrated with your pooch if she doesn’t really take to biking. It’s not for every dog.
  • A bike designed for trails, with wider tires is better suited for dog bike-running.

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