4 Things Your Dog May Not Like That You Should Know About


Sometimes it is hard to tell how your dog may be feeling despite how strong a bond you may share. They can’t talk so they can’t tell you that is just how it is. In an effort to help dog-parents better understand their favorite four-legged companion, We thought we would take a look at a few things that dogs really do not like. Keep reading to learn more. You may be surprised.

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How you hold their leash

Believe it or not how tightly you hold your leash tells your dog a lot about your stress level and how tense you may be. And if you are stressed, anxious or upset chances are your very sensitive canine will follow your lead, pardon the pun. One way to avoid this tension transference is to make sure your dog learns early on the proper way to walk on a leash. A relaxed leash means a relaxed, less reactive dog that is not as likely to bark. Obedience classes, training videos and patience are all ways that will help you with good leash handling.

Touching or petting your dog’s head or face

When was the last time you enjoyed a good head pat? Probably not too recently. Well, we think it is important that you know your dog also probably doesn’t like it. Have you ever noticed sometimes when you or somebody else pats your pup’s head they move away, that’s because they do not like it. A dog will get much more out of a nice pat on the back even if they seem to tolerate the pat on the head. Also, dogs absolutely do not like being touched on the face. Remember, teaching children how to pet a dog is really important because they usually do not know proper “technique”, especially if they are not regularly around dogs.

Hearing you cough or sneeze

Sure your dog loves you and doesn’t want to see you sick but hearing you cough or sneeze can actually, and unknowingly to you, communicate danger or a threat to your dog. Believe it or not, the sound of a cough or sneeze is very similar to what is called a “tooth-snap” recognized by dogs and wolves. This may make sense to you now if you have ever noticed that your pooch seemed distressed or unsettled by the sounds produced by your colds. Now, if that isn’t encouragement to take good care of yourself when you’re sick…

Being around people he doesn’t like

Just because you like somebody’s company does not mean that your dog does. Believe it or not your dog may not like one or more of your friends or other people you encounter on a day-to-day, which could be for a number of reasons, just like it would be for a human. If you observe your dog hiding or going into another room when a certain person is around, don’t push it – and just leave Fido alone. He looks to you for guidance so make sure you are giving him the right message. On that note, you will also know if your dog likes your human friends because he will be happy to socialize.

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