5 Water Friendly Dogs You’ll Love


If you are a person who likes to spend their summer at the lake or beach and would love to spend it with a four-legged companion, then we have some good news! There are dogs that are great swimmers and make great companions for water-loving humans. Keep reading to learn more about 5 special dog breeds that not only love to swim but also are designed to swim!


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Labradors are excellent swimmers and love to spend as much time in the water as they do on land – if you let them. They have waterproof coats as well as webbed paws. Better still, their strong tail makes an excellent rudder for navigating the water.


Believe it or not but Poodles are also a great water-loving dog breed. It is even believed that the word Poodle comes from the German word pudel, which means one who likes to play in the water.

Irish Water Spaniel

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The tallest of the spaniel breed and one of the oldest, the Irish Water Spaniel is happiest when it can be around water. Like the Labrador Retriever, the Irish Water Spaniel has webbed feet to help it swim. It also has a very unique waterproof coat of lovely curls. Another interesting feature is the Irish Water Spaniel’s hairless “rat” tail.  Irish Water Spaniels are very affectionate and great family dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog

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The medium sized Portuguese Water Dog loves to stay active and is known to forge a very close bond with one member of the family. Great swimmers known for helping fisherman get fish to jump in their nets, PWD have two different coat types: curly and wavy. Bo and Sunny, both Portuguese water dogs, are the current canine companions of President Obama and his family. They were selected because their non-shedding coat is easier on Malia Obama’s allergies.


Strong and big, Newfoundlands were used to help drag in the nets of fisherman. Today, Newfoundlands can be found helping assist with water rescues. Sweet dogs with great temperaments, they require regular brushing to keep them looking their best.

To help maintain your favorite canine swimmer’s healthy lifestyle, remember to feed it a healthy balanced diet as well as a nutritious supplement.


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