5 Of The Largest Domestic Cat Breeds


Cats are descendants of wildcats from Africa. Over thousands of years these creatures have changed and evolved resulting in the felines we know and love as pets today. Domestic cats come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, some domestic cats are considered to be quite large and like their special personalities can fill up our lives in a physical sense as well. In honor of some of these bigger kitties we thought we would share some interesting information about these fun fur balls. Keep reading to learn more about these large – but no less amazing – domestic cats.

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Maine Coon

Like their name suggests the Maine Coon cat originated in Maine and has been lovingly labeled the “all-American cat.” Unlike other domestic breeds, the Maine Coon has the longest whiskers on record with lengths reaching up to 6 and-a-half inches long. A gentle giant, Maine Coon males can weigh up to 25 pounds with the average male weighing around 17 pounds. Sporting oversized paws; it is not uncommon for this fluffy breed to be up to 40 inches long. Known for their loving and sweet nature, the Maine Coon is a hearty cat with a silky 3-layer coat that needs surprisingly little grooming.


Called “Puppy cats” the Ragdoll is known for making a great family pet.

Like their name suggests, Ragdolls are known for hanging like a rag doll when picked up or held. It might seem hard to believe but it is not uncommon for Ragdoll males to weight up to 35 pounds, which is three times the size of a regular domestic cat. Strikingly beautiful, Ragdolls are known for their enigmatic blue eyes. As far as color goes Ragdolls are usually pointed meaning they have a dark face, ears, feet and tail. Hearty and healthy Ragdolls are sweet and endearing creatures.

Savannah Cat

If an exotic cat is more your speed then the leopard-like Savannah cat might be a good fit for you. A mix of the serval cat of Africa and the domestic cat, the Savannah has closer ties to the wild.  Considered the largest domestic cat, because of its long legs, some Savannahs can be as big as a medium height dog and they can weight up to 30 pounds. They also have distinctively large ears that help them hone in on their environment. Considered dog-like, the water loving Savannah is a hearty cat with no known health issues. Please note that some cities, like New York City and states, like Hawaii, do not allow the Savannah cat to dwell there because of its closer ties to the wild.

Norwegian Forest Cat

This beautifully fluffy cat is the official cat of Norway. Weighing up to 16 pounds and known for being even-tempered and calm, the “weegie” has a reputation for being an excellent fit for busy families. Considered tough and athletic it is believed this kitty sailed the seas with the Vikings – possibly even making it to the Americas. The Norwegian forest cat has a thick, two-layered weather proof coat that requires a lot of grooming, especially in the spring when they molt.

American Bobtail

This unique little feline has hind legs that are actually longer than the front. Very social and sensitive, the American bobtail bonds easily and quickly with humans and has a reputation as a great therapy cat. A male can weigh up to 16 pounds whereas a female can weigh up to 11. Interestingly, their distinctive tails are shorter than most domestic cats and can be anywhere between 1 and 4 inches long.

Big Cat Health and Nutrition

Just like their regular sized counterparts, it is important to make sure that your feline family is getting proper nutrition. Regularly scheduled visits with your veterinarian are also essential in ensuring your cat is always feeling her best.

Clearly grace and elegance can come in all sizes where cats are concerned. If you think you may be interested in sharing your home with one of these large kitties, there are a number of purebred animal rescues that help find forever homes for large cats. Prior to bringing your kitty home check with the breeder or foster parent to confirm Fluffy’s diet.


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