NuVet Labs: Fun Things To Do with Fido In Scottsdale, Arizona


So you and Fido find yourselves taking a trip to the lovely city of Scottsdale, Arizona. You’ll be happy to know that Scottsdale isn’t only a place for humans to have a great time but also a wonderfully pet friendly city that Fido will enjoy as well. From luxury pet-friendly hotels, sprawling dog parks and superb dining for canines to other fun doggie activities, NuVet Labs thinks you and your pup will have a great time visiting this warm and Sunny locale just adjacent to Phoenix. Keep reading to learn more.

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Places to Stay

Your dog will have it made at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch and their 4Paws program. Here at the Hyatt where they promise to “anticipate any needs by making ‘Pet amenities’ available,” guests will find all natural treats, toys, clean-up bags, a map of dog friendly walking routes, food and water dishes as well as a luxurious doggie bed “custom-made” by Labor of Love Beds. You might find yourself getting jealous of all your pup’s pampering at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale.

Dog Parks

Dogs big and small can enjoy the Scottsdale Off-Leash Activity Center. The great thing about the Scottsdale Off-Leash Activity Center is that it has separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. Amenities include benches for parents to sit and watch their pups as well as disposal bags for quick and easy doggie waste disposal. Why not bring Fido here to let off some energy! Another fun park to check out is Scottsdale’s Chaparral Park. This 4-acre park boasts 3 acres of running-friendly grass, water fountains for you and your pet, dog activities and plenty of places to relax while you watch your pup have a good time. What is even more unique about Chaparral Park is that it has separate sections for passive dogs and aggressive dogs.


If you and Fido enjoy a fun shopping trip then Scottsdale also has you covered. At Mackie’s Parlour you can find a whole host of doggie merchandise. Everything from doggie apparel like coats and shoes to beautiful doggie dishes, leashes, gourmet treats and jewelry can be found at Mackie’s. You can also find carriers as well as grooming equipment and supplies at this fun shop. If all that shopping causes you and your pooch to work up an appetite, Mackie’s recommends visiting one of the nearby restaurants where you and your pup can enjoy a pet friendly meal.


Even though most dogs find NuVet Plus vitamins to be a tasty treat. You might choose to reward Fido for taking his supplements by visiting Sprinkles bakery. Here, humans can select from a wide variety of delicious cookies, cupcakes and other yummy goodies. And you can also pick up a cupcake for Fido. Sugar free and topped with a scrumptious yogurt frosting you might just find yourself and Fido sharing dessert!

NuVet hopes you enjoyed these travel suggestions for Scottsdale, Arizona and we also hope that you enjoy sharing with your dog the superb nutrition of NuVet Plus. Comprised of human grade ingredients and manufactured in an FDA registered lab, NuVet Plus is a dog vitamin supplement that is trusted by discerning doggie parents everywhere. To learn more about this excellent product and how it’s helped so many pets, check out the NuVet Reviews.


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